Latvian Medical Association is inviting the society to honor health field professionals and to participate in voting for the best Latvian practitioners.

Vote for your favourite University of Latvia Faculty of Medicine Associate Professor until 1st of March here: VOTE!

This year THE ANNUAL MEDICINE AWARD 2020 solemn ceremony will be broadcasted on March 27th on TV3 channel.

Academic problems!

Hello, dear student! 👋🏽

Have you ever had any academic problems?

If the answer is yes, we would like to help you with any circumstances, which are related to the studying process or to the communication with lecturers or professors.

If you disagree with the professors/lecturers opinion, for instance regarding the study process, please contact us:

🔸 (access to this email have all managers of students’ council);

🔸 (only academic department manager has access to this email)

Be sure that the sources of the information provided will stay confidential.We hope you are having an exciting and productive time studying. See you soon!